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WE HAVE EXPANDED!  I am pleased to announce our Flagship Real Estate Brokerage has added another Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Signature Service office in St. Catharines.  We now we have the privilege of serving our clients even BETTER into the Niagara Region.

As a consumer, just like you, I look for value when seeking the services of a professional. Whether its a car dealership getting my car serviced, or a lawn service to care for my lawn. I go out of my way to go to a particular car dealership because they always wash my car inside and out at no extra charge. They provide little “unexpected extras” which makes me feel special, and that I am important to them.

The same applies to hiring a real estate agent and that’s what I do for each of my clients. I provide those unexpected extras, in terms of service that not only meets your expectations, but surpasses them. I want you to have a great real experience when working with me…and reap the benefits of my 33+ years of knowledge and experience. I want you to know and feel I care about you and that you are valued.

If you’re selling click here to learn more about the process and how to ensure your property sells quickly and for the highest price possible. Perspective Buyers form a first impression within 6 seconds after stepping over the threshold of your front door. Therefore, in order to get top dollar for your home, your home needs to be in top showing condition and have a “wow” factor.

If you’re buying click here to discover how to find your next dream home and get it, without overpaying. As your agent, I will protect your interests first and foremost, listen to your needs, and put them first.

Gloria Valvasori

Sales Representative, ASA

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Client Testimonials

  • There was no anxiety around the process due to Gloria's continued guidance and education of next steps.  She even went the extra mile and offered sound advice on the sale underway in B.C. Gloria helped us find our first rental home in Mississauga when we first emigrated to Canada 7 years ago.  She continues to show an unmatched level of understanding for the things that are primarily to our property and neighbourhood selection.  She took the time to understand our need and throughout our intensive search only showed properties that met our criteria.  She was also key to encouraging us to expand our search with the result of us purchasing a dream home, that maybe we would not have considered .  Always personable, really acts in her clients'  best interest and shows genuine care on a personal level.  I would have and will be recommending her to friends and family. Just wish there was an option to include exceptional in the areas of trustworthy and professional. The only addition would be that Gloria took the time to manage our understanding of the Ontario marketplace. This ultimately made us better equipped to act in a timely manner and with appropriate urgency,
    Elizabeth Arobaga Edafe
  • 5
    When my family first dealt with Gloria, in order to purchase the home I live in now, I was 12. Eleven years later, at the age of 22, I unexpectedly had the chance to work with her again to sell a house. I was stunned by the level of professionalism and attention to detail Gloria displayed - being much older, I was more involved in the process and was able to ask more questions. Whatever questions I had, Gloria answered them in sufficient detail and professionalism to match. She kept me appraised of every action before, during and after the sale. Which is extremely helpful for a young lad like me. I learned much about how selling houses works (buying a home is different!), from the letter of opinion right down to making sure the property is vacant on the day of closing. What really made Gloria stick out in my eyes was that she didn't give up - despite initially listing the home when the market just took a downturn, she adjusted the initial price, listing the property again, and launching an aggressive social media campaign, we ended up selling above asking price! If I buy a home here in Mississauga, I will be sure to contact Gloria Valvasori. PS. Gloria is also a wonderful family friend, so that helps too!
    Chad S. Hagel
  • 5
    My wife and I recently worked with Gloria to purchase our family home and I really can’t say enough good things about her. She is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with her time driving my wife around (including mornings, evenings, and weekends over the course of the house hunting). She answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly, believe me she will go the extra mile like she did for us. Buying a home in this market is challenging especially when they are lots of bidding war in Ontario, but working with Gloria made it as painless and straightforward as possible. She had even supported us before we landed in Canada with our first rental without personally seeing us but just through phone conversions and emails. We highly recommend her as a very caring, competent realtor who will go the mile for you. She is just an amazing person.
    Raphael Edafe
  • 5

    "Gloria's performance was nothing but outstanding. It was a pleasure to get to know her for my first house purchase. Aside from being patient, reliable and knowledgeable, she is a true professional in her craft. She is very attentive to details, and has an exceptional quality in maintaining perfect communication with the clients in case of any issues. I can definitely see myself contacting her again, if I ever sell my house.

    Sasha S.
  • 5
    The sales experience provided by Gloria Valvasori from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Signature Service was excellent. She provided very professional service in conducting the business I required. She was knowledgeable overall and was able to answer any of my questions, she was always on time for appointments, and very friendly. I would recommend her for anyone's real estate needs as she will go out of her way to be sure she gives you the best service possible.
    Melanie S.
  • 5
    "It was such a pleasure working with Gloria, who seemed to have all the answers to my real estate questions. I would highly recommend her and her support team, who made selling my home so easy and painless! I could not have done it without her expert knowledge and professional process. Thank you, Gloria!"
    Alisha Mathison
  • 5
    "Gloria was my real estate agent 10 years ago when I purchased my home and since she did such a fabulous job at the time, she was the one I contacted when it was time to sell my house. She is a true professional!!! She is patient and understanding, open and receptive to the client's needs and yet very knowledgeable in the opinions and direction that she offers. She is a stickler for details and this is a quality that I appreciate. I was truly comfortable with our relationship and confident in her abilities that she had my best interests at heart. Gloria made the sale of my home her priority and worked diligently to have it wrapped up quickly."
    Nancy Maley
  • 5
    "I have dealt with Gloria on several occasions both selling and buying homes and I have found her to be very efficient and experienced with all her efforts in regards to all aspects of customer satisfaction. She goes that extra mile to make sure all the minor and major details are dealt with and there are no surprises. She knows her business and it shows with her professionalism and determination in getting the job done right."
    David Williamson
  • 5
    "Gloria provided professional and personal customer service to our family when we were selling and buying a house. She was so wonderful to work with as she has a great deal of patience and and kindness when dealing with sensitive life situations. My family and I would highly recommend Gloria to anyone buying or selling or both!"
    Michele Pretty
  • 5
    "Gloria has been my agent for four home sales transactions over the years (one of them was for my mom). Gloria is absolutely superb. She is completely trustworthy, protects her clients' interests, and goes far beyond the usual sales representative duties for her clients. Gloria conveys an intelligent, quiet confidence, and is a formidable opponent in the negotiating arena. I'm watching the market closely these days, thanks to the tools Gloria provides her clients, and I plan to use her once again for my next house sale. Gloria enjoys the loyalty of her clients because she is completely loyal to them!"
    Jackie Siebert
  • 5
    “Gloria and I went way back, life took us in different direction for many years, found her ad on facebook and made a phone call, it was the best phone call I made as my new home was listed with another agent for a year, with her advice and coaching I was able to have my home sell and close in approx. 1 month (guessing) she went way and above to ensure I stay on top of what I needed to as a owner, Her part in this process, well! was just outstanding to say the least, from recommending driveway cleaning to staging the home. I am looking forward to working with her in the future. Congratulation to BHGRE for having such an outstanding agent.”
    Radica Ramjitsingh
  • 5
    “Went above and beyond my expectations! Gloria was a pleasure to work with. She is definitely committed to exceptional service. She put me at ease from the start of the process, all the way to the end when I got my keys delivered. You could not have a better representative, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to family and friends. Thanks again!”
    Pergi S, Toronto, ON
  • 5
    “I first met Gloria on a service call at her house to fix her A/C about 13 years ago. While I was there we got talking about real estate and I mentioned I was looking to purchase a house but I was having trouble with the agent I was using. He would only return my calls, when he felt like it. Gloria told me she would have a list of houses for me to look at by the time I got home. Sure enough when I got home that day I had a list of house that met my criteria. The next week we went out to look at 5 houses and I found the house I lived in for the next 12 years. Since that time I have used Gloria for all my real estate needs and recommended her to all my family and friends. Gloria is always available to help out regardless of the time of day or time of year. It was an interesting call when the original real estate agent I was using called back a week after I bought my house asking how the search was coming along.”
    Brendon Aldridge, Dr. HVAC (905) 457-4425
  • 5
    “Gloria went above and beyond our expectations. She was always available to answer questions and assist us during the sale of our home. She was very knowledgeable, understanding and patient. She was incredible during negotiations and always had our best interest in mind. We would not hesitate to use her services again or to recomend her to friends and family. We still can't stop taking about how incredible her service and support through this important time was !!”
    Debbie Fazio, Mississauga


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